Second Chance Summer…by Morgan Matson

YOU WILL NEED TISSUES. I made the mistake of not having a large box of tissues by me throughout the book, and I nearly drown. This is hands down the saddest book I’ve ever read (sorry The Fault in Our Stars). Our leading lady, Taylor Edwards, has a father who’s just been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. That means that there’s no getting better, and he has 3 months (tops) to live. So, as his dying wish, he and his family go back to the vacation home they left 5 years ago. Most of the family is thrilled to be going back to Lake Phoniex, the place they used to frequent. Not Taylor. The last time she visited at age twelve, everything possible went horribly wrong, with her friendships, boyfriend, and entire life. So when she returns, she braces herself for crushing rage, and heart shattering sorrows, all of which she receives. But, in five years, a lot of people and lives can change, all of which lead up to an epic climax, which leaves tears waterfalling down everyone’s cheeks. Morgan Matson does a perfect job depicting realistic, unique characters, which makes it all the more tragic. This swoon-worthy, tear-jerking YA is a must read for everyone, especially those fans of John Green.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO JOEL AT BOOKS OF WONDER NYC ( ). Everyone, if you’re ever in NYC you must go to this bookstore. It only sells Kids-YA books, and if you can name a book, 99.99% they’ve got it signed. Joel is also the nicest employee ever, so make sure to give him a thumbs-up. All the other employees are super rad too, not just Joel, so if he’s not there, don’t despair (although when you’re surronded by books, you can never be sad, right?. Anyway, THANKS A MILLION, JOEL.

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