Panic…by Lauren Oliver

    Panic is the second book I got at Books of Wonder ( ), and although I wasn’t originally planning on reviewing it, I decided to. Here’s my review;

    Heather lives in the small town of Carp, New York. Nothing ever happens in Carp, that is, except for Panic. Panic is a game played by graduating seniors of Carp’s high school, in attempt to possibly escape the low-key lifestyle of the town. Every person at the high school submits a dollar a day from the first day of freshman year to the last of senior year, to The Pot, a savings account for the winner of Panic. The game itself is quite simple, each contestant must complete illegal, death-defying challenges. If you don’t complete a challenge, or something goes wrong, as it often does, you’re out. The seniors continue this until The Joust, the final competition, where the loser often dies or acquires a serious injury. All this is observed by two anonymous judges. Heather and her friends, enter the competition, all for different reasons. Revenge. Self-proving. Protection. And getting away. Only one of them can win. This is an action-packed, must-read, bursting with suspense, drama, long-hidden secrets, where no one can be trusted.

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