The Kiera Cass

The Selection, by Kiera Cass is a great series for kids 10+. It starts out with America Singer being chose for the Selection, a contest where she, and 34 other girls compete to win the Prince of Illea (which is her country), Prince Maxon’s heart. Unfortunately, America already has a boyfriend, but they can’t be together, because America is one of the Selected, and if anyone sees her with her boyfriend, it’s a crime punishable by death. And even if she does end up with Aspen (her boyfriend), he’s ranked a caste (their form of social class) below her, so her mother might not even let it happen. To top things off, America also must try to stay in the Selected group as long as possible, in order for her family to have enough food to survive (for each day any of the Selected remain in the contest, their family gets a certain amount of money). Then, rebels against Illea start attacking the palace where everyone’s staying, and carefully buried secrets and long lost traditions are revealed. So what happens when America starts having feelings for Prince Maxon, and what if he has the same feelings? What happens when girls are willing to do anything just to win the prince? Or, what if it isn’t the Prince they want? What if they just want the crown? This is a heart-twisting, thought provoking novel, perfect for anyone who wants a drama, suspense, and a little romance.

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