We Were Liars…by E. Lockhart

While I was visiting a friend in Woodstock, I went to a great indie bookstore, The Golden Notebook (check out their website here: www.goldennotebook.com ) I got two books, We Were Liars, and She is not Invisible (review to come).

We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart is a thought-provoking, heart breaking novel, with the perfect about of suspense. The Sinclairs are a rich family, with a vast summer estate off the coast of Massachusetts. When something bad happens, like, say, a terrible accident, no one dares to talk about it. They must be the strong, resilient family everyone makes them out to be. So, when Cadence Sinclair has a terrible accident at the beach, their whole world is flipped into a temporary termoil. Luckily, besides amnesia and excruciating migranes, she’s relatively fine. Of course, besides the fact she had no idea what happened the summer she had her accident. Now, two years later, she’s finally going back to the summer estate. No one, and nothing is the same, and as Cady begins to piece together snippets of the summer of her accident, she (and the reader) realizes, not all is what it seems. With a ending that you’ll never see coming, We Were Liars is a must read this summer.

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