Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour…by Morgan Matson.

Amy Curry’s dad just died. Her brother’s in rehab. Her mom is currently in Connecticut, where Amy’s supposed to move as soon as the school year’s over. Life’s never looked so bleak and lonely for her. She didn’t think things could get much worse. Of course, they did. School’s finally out, so not only does she have to abandon the only home she’s ever known to live in strange, new Connecticut, but she has to take a cross country road trip starting in her now-old hometown Raven Rock, CA to get there. Most would be excited at the prospect of a roadtrip. Not Amy. After all, since her Dad died in an accident, she hasn’t driven anywhere. So, her mother, who’s currently 100,000 miles away from her (literally and metaphorically) asks her childhood friend Roger to drive her. Both burdened with heavy emotional baggage, they take a roadtrip across the country, healing wounds that they both thought couldn’t be healed, and coming to terms with reality. But, what’s a roadtrip without a few detours?

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