Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I had been putting off reading this one for a long time, but I finally got down to it, and I’ve never been happier that I did. Tahereh’s writing is wonderfully unique and refreshing, almost poetic at parts. What makes it so unique though, is not the beautiful metaphors but that she/the character she’s writing as crosses out and rewrites their thoughts, as if to express the character’s innermost, personal thoughts. Her main character is named Juliette, a girl locked in an insane asylum because her touch is lethal. She has been so obviously broken due to the lack of sympathy and love and overload of hatred and guilt, yet is possibly the most caring, empathetic and loyal character I’ve ever read about. Juliette’s life has been completely uneventful for 264 days, that is until a boy shows up, to be her roommate. Soon after, a group known as The Reestablishment collects her from the asylum to become their very own toy and torture weapon. Catapulted into a world of luxury, secrets and hidden secrets, where no one ever forgets a crime and everyone fights their own secret battles, Juliette must find a way to escape, and fix the now-destroyed Earth. But what happens when the prison and the saviors are just as bad? Packed with intrigue, and complex, yet equally lovely characters and villains, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is a must read for every teen.

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