The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Callus Hunt doesn’t want anything to do with magic. His dad was once a Mage, and so was his mom. Until she died in a battle and he was permantely injured. Now, he and his dad live a quiet life in a small town, dreading the day Callum will be found by the mages, and forced to take a test to determine if he’s magic. If he is, he’ll have to go to the dreaded magisterium, a dark underground cave, where the mages practice dark magic. At least that’s what his dad says. He’s never actually been. So when they find him and force him to take the test, he does everything he possibly can to fail. Except, he must have done something wrong, because he passes every test. So, like his father promised, they haul him kicking and screaming to a school where everyone is like him. Magical and, according to his father, doomed. But, nothing is like what he’s been taught. Everything’s pretty nice. Soon, Call begins to doubt his father’s accusations. But is it all just an illusion? Holly Black and Cassandra Clare weave a stunning middle grade debut, that will leave you hollering for more.

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