Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Ismae’s father is Death. Not in some crazy metaphorical way. Her dear old dad is literally Death himself. Now, Ismae always knew herself to be unique . Her mother tried (and failed) to expel Ismae from her womb, leaving a bright red scar down Ismae’s back, and meriting endless taunts. So being different is no new thing. But when she’s married off to a terrible pig farmer, she realizes; there are fates worse than death. So, she’s shipped out to a convent, for daughters of death, who calls himself “Mortain”. From a young age, they are trained in a million ways to kill a man. Here, she grows and thrives, especially when it comes to poisoning. At the covent, when the girls get old enough, they are sent on assassination missions. They treat death as the inevitable, and believe they are merely the means to come upon it. Outside the convent though, the world is is turmoil. The young ruler of their country, Brittany, named Anne, needs to marry off fast, in order to keep her country’s independence from the growing empire France. The one problem is, is that the only beneficial husband is the horrible, but filthy rich, Count D’Albret. So, the convent realizes, they must do something; namely send their newest prodigy, Ismae, out into the deadly world of politics, disguised as a lover to the nobleman Gavriel Duval. But can a mere assassin survive in a world where everyone has a hidden knife, and where a single word can kill millions? Filled with just the right amount of politics, mystery, and romance, Robin LaFevers’s intricate medieval fantasy, will keep you hooked until the last letter. And it only get better from there.

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