Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Words cannot express my love for this book. This is hands-down, no-brainer, the best book I have read this year (yes, I know it’s still February). Red Queen is the first book in a while where I actually really want a sequel to happen (there is going to be a sequel right?) . Just to add to the amazing-ness, this is Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel and she’s already better than some seasoned writers. One of the biggest reasons I love this book is Mare Molly Barrow. She is probably one of the coolest ladies to ever grace the YA book genre. She’s hilarious, deadly, loyal, flawed, and compassionate (even though she may not realize it sometimes). Seriously, I can already see the Tumblr posts with Mare Barrow quotes in them forming. Then we have the whole plot thing. Basically, there are two types of humans, red blooded ones and silver blooded ones. They live on Earth, with all the modern advances we have, but it’s a bit different. It’s Earth all right, just not the  Earth we know. The red blooded humans are just like us and the silver blooded ones pretty much like us except with powerful supernatural abilities (think; X-Men). As human nature goes though,  the silver bloods soon realized hey, we can conquer these red bloods because we’re a lot more powerful than them. And if we’re more powerful, then it’s obvious that the red bloods are only there to serve us, the silver. This is the second reason I love this book. It parallels humans throughout history, enslaving and abusing other races because of different skin colors (except now it’s blood colors). The Silvers, after they’ve conquered the Reds are all very, very rich, and the Reds are all very,very poor and very,very angry.  Red Queen however takes place years after this has all has happened and is the story of Mare Barrow (see above, Queen of Sarcasm) a lowly red who dreads the day when she, like her brothers, will have to fight in a century-long Silver territory war she doesn’t even have an opinion on. But by a twist of fate, she receives a job at the Silver king Tiberias’s palace, saving her from her solider doom. For about three pages, all is well. Then, Mare accidentally almost electrocutes everyone at the palace during a competition supposed to determine which Silver noble will become the crown prince Cal’s wife. And here’s where things get messy. It turns out that Mare, a Red, has powers, something everyone thought was impossible. While Mare is in shock over her new and dangerous abilities, the king decides that the most logical course of action is obviously to have Mare be disguised as a long lost Silver princess and marry Prince Cal’s brother,  Prince Maven,so he can keep an eye on her. Not only would this solve the whole Red-girl-has-powers problem, but it would also quiet the fires of the rising Red rebels threatening to usurp the crown. Perfect solution, right? Wrong. Especially when Mare realizes she is possibly the greatest asset the Red rebellion could ever ask for,  the girl who controls the very fate of her kingdom. Or so it seems. After all, one of the first lesson you learn in court is that the ones you hold most dear are the ones that will most likely stick a knife in your back.

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