Zodiac by Romina Russell

Taking cues from the classic Zodiac personality traits and lifestyles, debut author Romina Russell weaves the unique story of Rho Grace, an ordinary girl thrust into an extraordinary position. Rho, of House Cancer, likes playing music. And she’s pretty good at it too. So good that she and her band are hired for a graduation party gig at her school. But as soon as they get there, something goes horrible, catastrophically wrong when a freak accident kills almost every single person at her school. Including House Cancer’s Guardian, Mother Origene. Everyone’s devastated. Until they find the next Guardian. Her name? Rho Grace. Rho does not want to be Guardian. But she accepts nonetheless, because now she has a duty to her people. For a split-second, everything in her Guardian training is going well. Things are starting to come back into control. Until Rho uncovers a secret that could destroy her entire galaxy. What if the freak accident that tore apart House Cancer wasn’t an accident?

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