The Walled City by Ryan Graudin

I really enjoyed The Walled City. However, my favorite part is that it’s a dystopian standalone! Yes, you read that right. It’s a dystopian standalone (possibly the rarest book in exsistence). It’s a miracle! I only have one complaint. I love the cover of the ARC (advanced reader’s copy). The final copy? Well, let’s just say I love the cover for the ARC. Anyways, let’s get into it. Dai lives in the Walled City, a city saturated with thieves, drug lords, and street gangs. He’s a drug-runner for a drug lord, about to pull off his biggest job yet. There’s only one problem. He needs a partner. Jin is a street kid, running from gangs and surviving off scraps. She’s in the Walled City by choice, searching for her sister who was kidnapped years ago. Jin has one secret, one that threatens to destroy her; Jin is a girl. Mei Yee, like most girls in the Walled City, is trapped in a brothel. She’s stayed there for a long time, watching girls attempt to escape her cruel master. They all fail. The third protagonist, Mei Yee, has lost all hope, until she catches a glimpse of a face outside her bedroom window. Three children race against the clock to save themselves, their future, and every person in the Walled City. But will the very things that have kept them safe be their biggest downfall?

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