Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

After talking to Maria at YALLWest, I was crazy-excited to start her new Young Adult debut, Magonia. Magonia is about a teenage girl, Aza Ray Boyle, who has a fatal, unexplainable lung disease. She is literally drowning in air. No one expects her to survive her sixteenth birthday (which is rapidly approaching). I’ll admit, at this point I was a little skeptical, comparing Magonia’s plot to The Fault in Our Stars. But, I swear, it’s nothing like TFiOS at all. One day, Aza sees a ship in the sky. Like, a big, old fashioned pirate ship. Obviously, everyone dismisses it as a drug induced hallucination. It’s happened before. Except, Aza knows what she saw. The only person who believes her is her whip smart best friend Jason. But before Aza or Jason can investigated further, something happens. Aza Ray Boyle dies. Aza Ray Quel however, is more alive than she’s ever been. Those ships Aza saw? Her mother is the captain of one of the biggest ever. That’s all I can tell you without spoiling the joy of exploring Magonia for yourself. Maria Dahvana Headley weaves a world like never seen (or thought of) before, a world filled with monsters, heroes and horrors, every bit as vivid as our own. If you love Tahereh Mafi or Neil Gaiman, I promise you, you’ll eat Magonia up. Truly extraordinary.

PS: Thanks for the book, EpicReads!

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