Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Ok, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about Snow Like Ashes, with
all its mixed reviews. But, I picked it up, because it intrigued me and I
liked the premise. I liked Snow Like Ashes. It was entertaining and had
many situations fantasy books often don’t, like lengthy palace and
dungeon scenes and an actually interesting love triangle (I know, I
thought it was impossible).

The whole premise is that there
are eight kingdoms, the four Seasons and the four Rhythms. Basically,
the kingdom of Spring has taken over and enslaved the kingdom of Winter
and no kingdom is willing to help Winter free itself because it’s Queen
is dead, which means the magic of Winter is essentially gone. The only
survivors are eight refugees, one being the long-lost Prince Mather
(rhymes with rather) of Winter and Winter’s war general, referred to as
“Sir”. Along with them, there are six other random, lucky Winterian
survivors. One is the main character, Meira, an orphan. Although she’s
trained like the other refugees, she never goes on missions to rescue
the locket holding the last remaining magic of Winter. Until finally,
she is allowed to go on the mission. But, when Meira suceeds, and even
finds half of the magic, the results are unexpected. Her finding sets
off a chain of events so insane, that it might uproot the very lies
she’s grown to lean on. After reading Snow Like Ashes, I’m
defintely interested to see if the sequel will have more of the
complexity and intensity I enjoy while still keeping Meira’s signature

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