Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

It begins slowly, but once you get past the first chapters you won’t be able to put Saint Anything down.

Saint Anything is about a privileged teenage girl, Sydney, whose
reckless older brother has just been sentenced to jail for crippling a
boy while drunk driving. To get away from all the scathing glares and
harsh whispers of her prep school, Sydney transfers to the public
Jackson High School. That’s where she meets the Chantams. There’s
french-fry obsessed Layla, loyal genius Mac, entitled figure skater
Rosie, and loving pizza store owners Mr. and Ms. Chantam. Together they
form a family like Sydney has never seen before. And together, they may be
the key to healing Sydney’s broken spirit. 

I enjoyed watching Saint Anything’s plot unfold, and Sarah Dessen kept the story going, making for a quick, sweet vacation read. I only wish the main character, Sydney had as much complexity and texture as some of the side characters. After Saint Anything, I will definitely be checking out Dessen’s other novels.

Speaking of checking out, Sarah Dessen’s reading from and signing Saint Anything this Wednesday (May 6) at the San Diego Public Library (here’s their website). Can’t wait to see her there!

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