None of the Above by I. W. Gregorio

For most of her life, Kristin Lattimer has had everything. Sure, she’s had a
roadblock or two, like the death of her mother, but the majority of her
life has been in privilege. She’s a star athlete, with a great
boyfriend, amazing friends, and a college scholarship. And then, she isn’t.

Debut author I. W. Gregorio’s None of the Above is
the compelling, provocative story of a girl struggling with a shocking
medical diagnosis; she’s intersex, an actual condition affecting only a
tiny percent of our population.

At a doctor’s appointment,
Kristin, the girl with everything, gets the life changing diagnosis that
she’s a girl, but with male chromosomes. She’s shocked and terrified as
she tries to come to terms with her new identity. What will everyone at
her school think? But, she has a plan. She’ll just tell her close
friends and family selectively. But when her diagnosis
is leaked to her entire high school, things don’t go exactly as planned. Now
everyone, including her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) knows and is not
exactly accepting. Kristin can barely show her face at school, much less
make peace with her body.

Without reading her dust jacket
biography, you can tell I. W. Gregorio is a surgeon. Her medical terminology
is precise, even clinical, but phrased in a way that’s easy to
understand, adding even more realism to the story. None of the Above is an earth-shattering story of love, loss, friendship, depression, bullying, and gender identity that is not to be missed.

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