Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything’s absolutely stunning cover was the first thing that drew me to it. However, when the blurb promised a The Fault in Our Stars-esque book, I was immediately deterred (I mean, who wants to read a Fault in Our Stars knockoff?). I was in for a surprise though, Everything, Everything is not remotely like TFiOS. It’s in a whole new incredible ballpark. I loved everything, everything about it (sorry, couldn’t resist). 

The protagonist Maddy, has SCID, a real disease that makes her allergic to almost everything. It’s so dangerous that she hasn’t left left her house or been outside in seventeen years. She’s content though, living in near solitude with her mother and beloved nurse, Carla. That is, until a moving truck pulls in to the house next door and her entire life starts unraveling. It’s an average family moving in, a mother, father, sister, and brother. The boy in particular catches Maddy’s eye (don’t worry; this isn’t the classic boy moves in next door and airhead protagonist falls in love with him story). Through a series of emails and IMs, Maddy and the boy, named Olly, begin to connect. They can never meet in person, however. Olly might have a virus latched onto him somewhere that could doom her. As they draw closer, Maddy begins to see things that are not quite right in Olly’s house. At the same time, she begins to realize something’s not quite right in her house either. Something’s missing.

My favorite parts ( I just can’t choose between them) were Maddy’s hilarious spoiler reviews of classics, the ending (it’s insane)! Full of hope and tragedy Nicola Yoon’s witty, heartbreaking debut is a shocking joyride until the very last page, and comes out this September.

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