99 Days by Katie Cotugno

I went into 99 Days expecting nothing, thanks to the dust jacket summary. A summer where a girl must confront her past with two brothers? No thanks. What
I got from 99 Days was so much more.

99 Days has everything that makes a good summer
novel: realistic characters, a unique and compelling storyline, friendship (although it was more like sisterhood) and an
unpredictable ending (a near impossible feat in YA contemporary). My favorite part was the great characters; all multidimensional and completely relatable. Even the love interests, Patrick and Gabe Donnelly, were interesting, and even I couldn’t pick a side in the love triangle! Katie Cotugno also explores the double standards girls face when it comes to dating, which I’m sure feminists (like me) will enjoy.

99 Days centers around Molly Barlow, an utter social outcast, returning to her small Catskills town for the summer. Molly’s mother is the acclaimed author, Diane Barlow, whose latest bestseller just so happened to be about her daughter’s love life (read: her daughter’s cheating scandal). The tabloids were all over it. Molly’s then-boyfriend… not so much. So, with plans to live in her room watching Netflix documentaries until autumn when she starts college, Molly returns to the Catskills. No surprise – not a single person is happy to see her.

Skip the dust jacket, I promise you that you’ll love getting lost in Katie Cotugno’s second novel, 99 Days. Don’t miss it!

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