The Last Bookstore


By Ava

In my short lifetime, I have been to a lot of bookstores. Some better than others. The Last Bookstore is truly a rare one. Not all may love it, but The Last Bookstore can definitely boast carrying only the best books. Mass market paperbacks? Sure, a few. Obscure, unique, and completely crazy stories? A dime a dozen.

Personally, I read mostly YA, so that’s the section I gravitated towards. Their selection of Young Adult novels is great, very artfully arranged, and was one of the largest I’ve ever seen. Additionally, The Last Bookstore’s overstuffed, leather couches and banquettes are perfect for curling up to start your next favorite, or just lounging around.

The large, airy bookstore also has an enormous selection of vinyls and DVDs, almost more than my local record store. As well as a great music collection, The Last Bookstore has plenty of odd trinkets around the checkout counter and a large, diverse collection of comic books. If you think this is cool, wait until you hear about the upstairs.

You barely have to get the the stairs to see what I mean. Next to the first step, is a large used book section, filled with good reads, some, I found, for rather high prices. Once you manage to drag yourself away from that, you’ll immediately be roped into an art display. Only it isn’t just a display, it’s made of only books. Some, like those in the labyrinth (yes, labyrinth) are even up for purchase. On the top floor there’s also a balcony, where you can look down on the store and its various customers. As you go deeper into the upper floor book labyrinth, you’ll begin to notice amazing pieces of art, from a literal hole in the wall to a book archway. There’s more after that- but I’m going to leave you in suspense. It’ll be more fun for you to see it for yourself.

If you’re ever in LA, take my word- go to The Last Bookstore.

At The Last Bookstore, I purchased Sekret by Lindsay Smith (Goodreads link here) and Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys (Goodreads link here).

For more information about The Last Bookstore, here’s their website:

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