Maria’s Bookshop- Durango, CO


By Ava

Admittedly, I was quite skeptical about Maria’s. I had read about it in My Bookstore,
a collection of essays written by famous authors about their favorite
bookstores, and it didn’t sound all that great. The author who had
written the particular essay described Maria’s as a small, western
bookstore specializing in local authors. He then proceeded to talk about
his book for the last three pages.

The second I stepped in to Maria’s I knew my assumptions were wrong. I
was immediately greeted by a smiling employee and asked if I needed
anything (I didn’t). The service at Maria’s Bookshop was definitely

I made my way to children’s section, it’s easy to
find and takes up almost a third of the store. Three floor to ceiling
bookshelves carry a carefully curated, extensive selection of Young
Adult books. Another part holds the younger children’s books. The rest
of the children’s section is in an airy back room with stuffed animals
and toys lining the walls. Their Adult fiction was a little lacking
although enormous in size. I feel like Maria’s Bookshop definitely
specializes in Activity books (Cooking, Angling, Hiking, Local Interest,
etc) and Children’s.

Open seven days a week, Maria’s is a
bookstore that you can’t miss if you’re in Southern Colorado. And after the
bookstore, make sure to pop by one of my favorite ice cream places,
Cream Bean Berry, which is right across the street. Try their Lemon
Basil Sorbet. You won’t regret it.

At Maria’s Bookshop I purchased Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed (review will be up tomorrow on my personal blog)

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