Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

I have found the ultimate end-of-summer read, Finding Audrey by British author, Sophie Kinsella. Now, you’ve probably heard of Kinsella, her Confessions of a Shopaholic is an adult rom com turned movie in 2009 starring Isla Fisher. She’s also written more than 20 adult books, but this is her Young Adult debut.

First things first; no, this is not a romantic comedy like Kinsella’s other novels. Instead it’s the charming, uplifting story of Audrey Turner, a girl with an extreme anxiety disorder. Extreme meaning she won’t go outside, runs away when someone tries to talk to her, and won’t even make eye contact with her own family. Get the gist? One day, while Audrey’s brother is having a friend over, not knowing Audrey has the disorder, he tries to talk to her. She is terrified, but over the course of multiple visits, Audrey begins to communicate with her brother’s friend, Linus. Soon, an unlikely friendship is formed. With the help of Linus, her therapist, and her video camera (she’s creating a documentary about herself/her family) Audrey finally begins to open up. But is she ready to face the world again?

Funny, quirky, and perfectly happy, Sophie Kinsella’s YA debut is the perfect book to finish off your summer.

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