Uppercase Subscription Box Unboxing

For a while, I’ve been interested in book subscription boxes. I mean- Young Adult books delivered to your doorstep monthly? Yes please! There are more than enough boxes to choose from, from OwlCrate, IllumiCrate, or, as I selected, Uppercase. I chose Uppercase for a couple reasons; one, it’s the cheapest, at $17-23 a month (OwlCrate and IllumiCrate are both $29 a box). Second, Uppercase seemed to simply suit me the best. Their past boxes correlated to my interests the most and their additional items appealed to me more than the other two’s.

Now, enough with that. Onto the fun part. The unboxing! Here’s what I got in the mail. Just a regular package… or so it seems!

After I found better lighting, I opened it up to this adorable little bag. Now, let’s let the suspense build for a second. Don’t scroll down. Guess what’s inside. Ok, now you can scroll down.

Oh my god! Even better lighting and book goodies! Is it Christmas (almost)? Maybe a belatedly Hanukkah? Whatever! Now the moment we’ve been waiting for… what’s inside (well you can see, I guess, but now I’m going to tell you). Just FYI- I got the Black Friday deal that let you purchase a subscription then get three extra bookish goodies, so if you got this box too and aren’t seeing these exact things, that’s why. Be more of a savvy shopper!

First are these awesome Out of Print Library Card socks, which I’m totally going to use this winter. Next, the copper ampersand (the & sign, you uneducated swine) necklace and yellow Mad Hatter coin purse. The final thing in my bag was, of course, the book (we almost forgot the book!). This month’s pick is Eric Lindstrom’s debut Not If I See You First, published by Little, Brown (not pictured is the signed bookplate and bookmark, which are inside the book, of course, because I already started reading).

And that’s all for this month. I hope you enjoyed watching my unboxing process as much as I enjoyed doing it myself! Look for my review of Not If I See You First before the end of the year.

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