Hold Still by Nina LaCour

Hold Still by Nina LaCour is one rollercoaster ride of a book. I knew LaCour was talented- she certainly proves that in her newest novel, Everything Leads to You but her 2009 debut absolutely blew me away with its extraordinary writing and lifelike characters.

High schooler Caitlin’s world has been shaken up and shattered by her best friend Ingrid’s suicide. Caitlin is lost, in her thoughts, her life, and her relationships. Now that Ingrid is gone, she has no one to really talk to. And Ingrid told Caitlin everything. How could Caitlin let this happen? When a new school year starts, Caitlin discovers a journal Ingrid left behind. Caitlin has a chance to find out what drove her friend to her death. But, then again, Caitlin might be looking for reasons where there are no reasons. Why does someone take their life?

Through new and old friends and abandoned theatres and photographs and tree houses Caitlin begins to discover herself, and who that will be with Ingrid. Hold Still is a must read for anyone looking for a moody musing on suicide and those left drowning in its wake.

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