I’m From Nowhere by Suzanne Myers

About two weeks ago, there was a hashtag going around the YA community, #quietYA. It talked about amazing Young Adult books that perhaps didn’t make quite as big a splash as say Divergent or The 5th Wave. I’m From Nowhere epitomizes this hashtag.

Don’t mistake the smallness of this release for a not-as-good book, because you would be completely wrong. Suzanne Myers’ talent lies in her extraordinary sense of place. The majority of I’m From Nowhere takes place at an elite New England boarding school, Hardwick Hall and you can practically feel the ornate brick buildings and musty horse stables. Myers is also quite talented at crafted a unique voice for her main character, Wren Verlaine. Many authors try to craft a voice for their character that makes it seem like the character is your best friend, laughing along as they tell their story. Few authors succeed, but Myers is one of the few that do.

Wren is an utterly average teen, living in Ventura, California, along with her journalist mother. She’s comfortable, happy, living in an in-between phase that isn’t so bad. Live is predictable, ordinary, until her mother get a new job. In Greenland. For six months. And with that, Wren is shipped off to the preppy Hardwick Hall, where she’ll complete her sophomore year of high school. World upturned, Wren struggles to stay aloft amidst guitars, secrets, horses, and boys. But Wren Verlaine is a trooper. She’ll make it through.

Myers masterfully weaves a story, that, to quote its protagonist herself, “is about the year I found out I was not who I thought I was, and also how I learned to be okay with being myself.” I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all talking about Myers in a week or two. Sometimes it’s the quietest stories that need to be told the most.

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