Favorites from Around the World

I’ve been absent for a bit of time and I’m so sorry! I’ve been away at a Phillips Exeter (a boarding school in New Hampshire) summer program studying language, literature and politics. At Exeter, I met lots of friends from all over the globe, all who love reading. A lot of them inspired this blog post, which is a list of what books inspired my friends’ love of reading. Here are some of their answers:

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok “I love this book because it inspires the reader to stay determined like Kimberely even if the odds are stacked against you.” Rosalie  (Hampton, NH)

Frin by Luis Pescetti “It’s an amazing and funny realistic fiction book about friendship” Sofia (Bogota, Colombia)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling “It was amazing to see the vibrant and magical world full of smart, strong characters. I couldn’t imagine a childhood without it!” Mai Ly (Breckenridge,CO)

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen “This is my favorite book because of what the story teaches others.” Mia (Shanghai, China)

The Seven Sleepers Series by Gilbert L. Morris “It was the first book that after reading it, I felt this incredible feeling of sadness because there were no more books left in the series and my journey with those characters were over. It just proved to me how captivating books can be.” Taryn (San Diego, CA)

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