Clearing Out My Bookshelf

Like many book lovers, I have a bookshelf crammed with too many books to count. At times, it can get a little overwhelming. Recently, I’ve been going through kind of a reading slump. I’ve read lots of books that I’ve liked, but not any that I’ve really loved. That’s why I decided to sit down one day and sort through all the books I own, hoping to rediscover some favorite books. Taking a page from cleaning guru Marie Kondo’s bestseller, I decided to purge every single novel I didn’t absolutely love. This is much easier said than done.

I have two younger siblings who, much to my frustration, don’t really like to read. But, because I am an optimist, I have not given away any of my favorite books from when I was younger, in hopes that one day my siblings would read them. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization this will probably never happen. But just in case, I saved 15 books from my purge that I hope my siblings will someday read. Everything else I didn’t love, I stacked into boxes for charity.

This system of donating, keeping, and saving worked pretty well until I encountered an obstacle I hadn’t even considered. I own a lot of books I’ve never read. You know when you buy a book with the intention of reading it but never do? It turns out, I do this way more than I should. In fact, I own 24 books I’ve never read. That’s way too many. In order to solve this problem, I determined to purchase no more books until I have read at least fifty pages of every single book I own. That’s at the very least, 1200 pages. The only way I will get my hands on a book I don’t already own is if it’s sent or given to me.

I’m excited to take on this challenge. I own so many books I’ve been telling myself I’ll read for months so it’s nice to finally have the chance to read them all. Who knows? Maybe my next favorite book has been sitting on my shelf for months, waiting to be discovered.

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