Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

The less you know about E. Lockhart’s newest, Genuine Fraud, the better. Similar to Lockhart’s last novel, We Were Liars, Genuine Fraud features unreliable, wealthy-beyond-belief young adults spending summer on a Massachusetts island. Unlike We Were Liars however, Genuine Fraud‘s narrator, Jules, also spends her time in Cabo, Puerto Rico, London, and San Francisco. In these cities, Jules is caught in an unhealthy friendship with an affluent young women trying to figure out her place in the world. Even that description is perhaps revealing too much.

E. Lockhart has a talent for creating nuanced, vivid settings. Whether this talents comes from her hilariously lifelike background characters or strange descriptions of ordinary moments is unclear. Throughout the novel, I never felt like I couldn’t picture exactly where Jules was (although these places changed nearly every chapter).

“She was depressed and she didn’t love you anymore and she didn’t love me enough to stay alive, either. Stop acting like there’s anything else that could have happened.”

Genuine Fraud is the perfect book to read in a single sitting. It’s just over 250 pages and poses a question that will keep you turning pages.While it may lack depth, it makes up for it with twisting plot lines and descriptions that will make you feel like you’re standing right next to the main character, Jules. Be sure to pick up E. Lockhart’s newest when it comes out this September.

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