Dreamology by Lucy Keating

If you’ve been looking for the perfect beach read- relax. You’ve found it. It is Lucy Keating’s debut novel, Dreamology. Light, funny, and whimsical, Keating’s novel is perfect for lounging poolside and just the right length (336 pages) to read in-flight.

Dreamology follows Alice, a New York transplant living in Boston with her dad. Since she can remember, Alice has had dreams about a boy who calls himself Max. When she starts school at the prestigious Bennett Academy (Keating attended Phillips Academy… possibly an inspiration?), Alice runs into a boy who’s identical to Max. But that can’t be possible. After all, Max is a figment of Alice’s imagination. But when she starts seeing other impossible things- like pugs sipping coffee in cafés or the ground rippling below her feet, she begins to think something is up. Can Alice figure out what’s happening to her mind before it’s too late?

“Our dreams are the one thing we share that nobody else can touch. Now we’re going to lose them, and I am terrified.”

While Dreamology occasionally borders on childish, it still provides a fantastical escape from reality. Keating combines pop culture references and whimsical new technology to create a world entirely her own.

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