Reviewing Writer’s Block

Ah, writer’s block- the Achilles heel of every author. I do not consider myself an author, but as of late I have been suffering from what can only be described as writer’s block. I have been writing online book reviews since 2010. My blog has changed themes, genres, even platforms, multiple times (I’m still a little nostalgic for the original castle themed Tumblr). Since I’ve moved to WordPress, I’ve added and taken away multiple cool features. I even tried a short lived stint on Instagram.

But something has not quite felt right. I am at a transition point in my life, so I figure that I’m probably at a transition point in my blog, too. Although my medium and writing ability has changed, the format of my review has remained pretty constant. After doing the same thing for nearly seven years, I think I want to switch it up.

I don’t know how my reviews will change when I’m at boarding school. I might try video reviews, drawings, more formal, editorial styles, or something else completely new.  I do know however that my website and writing will change in some major ways.

Now, don’t get worried All I’m saying is stay tuned and stay interested (and if you’re not, tell me why). I’m excited to try new things.

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