Who and What I’m Reading


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It’s pretty weird to analyze yourself, so bear with me. In honor of my 100th book review, I have decided to go through all my book reviews and analyze who and what I have written about. Before reading, I think it is important to know that I am a young, white, middle-class female, and I am by no means a statistician.

The first thing that is overwhelmingly obvious to me is that  I read books that are mostly written by young, white, females. But, why is this? I don’t feel like I am particularly drawn to stories written by people similar to me. In fact, I try to make an effort to read stories written by and about people very different than me. I like the new perspectives they give me on the world.

When it comes to reading books by authors who I can easily relate to, it appears I am not alone. A 2014 Goodreads survey found that out of the 50 most read books by women, 90% of those books were written by women. The Huffington Post also has an article about how students are more likely to sit next to people who they share physical characteristics with. Is it because we find comfort in those homogeneous to ourselves?

Whatever the reason for my lack of literary diversity, it is clear I need to make a change. I want to read books from diverse perspectives, but I realize now that once and a while picking up a “diverse” book does not count. This August, I will read books only written by males or people of color. I will read at least one book by a male of color.

I hope these stats are as interesting to you as they are to me. If you have any recommendations for novels for me to read, please let me know in the comments.

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