Why Voting this Midterm is Important

Today is the United States’ midterm elections. On this day, hundreds of candidates running for everything from county sheriff to congressman will be elected by us, citizens of the United States. Historically however midterm elections have much lower voter turnout than presidential elections. According to Nonprofit Vote, only 37% of eligible voters voted in the 2014 midterm election, the lowest amount since World War II. Especially with recent attacks against American citizens, such as Trump’s threat to change an amendment that grants citizenship to every person born in the United States, it is important to vote now more than ever! No matter who you’re voting for or what you believe in, it is important to cast your ballot for people who represent your beliefs. Here’s three reasons you should vote tomorrow. 


Antonio Delgado, a Democrat running for congress in my district, NY-19!

1. This election is historic for its diversity of candidates.

According to the New York Times, 411 candidates running for United States Senate or Congress are women, people of color, or LGBT+ –that’s more than any election ever before! This diverse group demonstrates an opportunities for a multitude of new voices, opinions, and ideas to be heard in our government. Find a voice that resonates with you and cast your vote!

2. It’s your civic duty

Millions of people across the world do not have the privilege of letting their voice be heard in their government. We American citizens are lucky. We must use our privilege to vote people into power who stand up for real American values like democracy and freedom of speech, not misogyny and racism.

3. Every vote counts

Your vote may seem small compared to the millions of votes cast. But, never doubt its importance! For example, this summer I was a fellow for a congressional race in Massachusetts. Thanks to a margin of 52 votes, the race went to a recount. Although the candidate I was a fellow for ultimately lost, I learned that every vote really does count. If just 53 more people had voted, a different candidate might have been on the ballot.

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