Bookstore Review: The Golden Notebook in Woodstock, NY

In January, I promised content that feels more personal. Four months later, I’ve finally figured out what that means: Bookstore reviews. Bookstores have been a huge part of my life since I was little. Warwick’s Bookstore in La Jolla, California is the reason I began reviewing books! When I road-tripped from San Diego to Brooklyn in 2015, I stopped at an independent bookstore in each town I visited. Now, I’ve decided to translate that knowledge into talking about independent bookstores I’ve visited and loved. I want to make this a monthly thing to highlight the maximum amount of bookstores possible, so stay tuned! This month, for my first review, I’ve chosen to to highlight The Golden Notebook.

I chose the Golden Notebook because it is the bookstore I know best. The store is owned by my dad’s partner and I work there during school breaks. Although I am a lover of all bookstores, the Golden Notebook will always have a special place in my heart.There is nowhere I’d rather curl up and read a book more than the nook in the children’s section or upstairs by the classics bookshelf.

Of course, I am totally biased, but what makes the Golden Notebook so unique is its dedicated staff. The store opened in 1978, but transferred ownership to Jackie Kellachan in 2010 who now runs the store alongside James Conrad. This duo and the rest of the incredible people who work there are always so friendly, helpful, and open. Through some of their careful recommendations, I’ve been able to find some of my favorite books, such as The Hate U Give and Young Jane Young.

Since it’s been around for forty years, the Golden Notebook was closed for renovations this past February. I was away at school, so I was unable to witness the process, but when I came back home, I was so happy to see that the store is the same place I knew and loved, only about six inches wider (thanks to the removal of clunky green heaters). The Golden Notebook is luminous in so many ways, from its cozy atmosphere to its incredible staff. If you’re ever in the area, you just have to stop by and see it for yourself.


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