At YallWest 2016

Hi! I’m Ava, a teenage book reviewer. I was born in Los Angeles and recently moved from San Diego to New York. I would say you could find me in hip coffee shops and exotic locales writing and reading, but most likely, because I am a teenager, you can find me at school. During the spare moments I’m not a school, I intern at the Golden Notebook bookstore, dance ballet, and play cello. You can find some of my short fiction in New Moon magazine and the Esopusupose, and reviews in Chronogram magazine.

Those are all pretty nice, but this blog is mostly about reading. I’ve been reading since I discovered books, and blogging for almost as long (almost seven years). Reading may be my favorite thing to do, but writing is my passion. Something about language absolutely fascinates me.

About Book Reviews by Ava

Book Reviews by Ava was started in 2010 on Tumblr by an overly ambitious seven year old who talked way too much (want to see my first post? Click here). I began reviewing at Warwicks Bookstore in La Jolla, California and transferred my thoughts to a digital format soon after. When I started Book Reviews by Ava, I had no idea what I was getting in to. I knew I liked reading, and liked writing about books. The internet just seemed like the best place to share my thoughts. Now, in addition to reviews, I cover events, interview authors, and talk on Woodstock Writer’s Radio about books I love.

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